A bit about wheels that maybe you didn’t know?


    1 ) (wheel) a simple machine consisting of a circular frame with spokes (or a solid disc) that can rotate on a shaft or axle (as in vehicles or other machines) 

    2 ) (wheel) change directions as if revolving on a pivot; “They wheeled their horses around and left” 

    3 ) (wheel) move along on or as if on wheels or a wheeled vehicle; “The President’s convoy rolled past the crowds” 

    4 ) (wheel) forces that provide energy and direction; “the wheels of government began to turn” 

    5 ) Z Force is a fictional infantry military unit that features in the Action Force universe, a European version of the G.I.Joe action figure and comic book series. 

    6 ) Wheels is the name of an EP released by the alternative rock band Cake in 2005. It was exclusively released digitally on the iTunes store. 

    7 ) WHEELS is a bus service that provides public transportation in the Tri-Valley Region (southeast Alameda County) of the San Francisco Bay Area, in the United States. 

    8 ) Derek Wheeler, aka Wheels, is a fictional character on the Degrassi series, portrayed by Neil Hope. His first appearance in the series is as a grade 8 student at Degrassi Junior High School where he is best friends with Joey Jeremiah and Archie “Snake” Simpson (portrayed by Pat Mastroianni and 

    9 ) “Wheels” is a single by the alternative rock group, Foo Fighters. The single premiered on radio on September 23, 2009 though the single was officially released on September 29, 2009. 

    10 ) “Wheels” is the ninth episode of the American television series Glee. Written by series creator Ryan Murphy and directed by Paris Barclay, the episode premiered on the Fox network on November 11, 2009. 

    11 ) An automobile or other vehicle; Well-developed thigh muscles 

    12 ) (Wheel) A hub, rim, and spokes all together; may also include the tire and tube. 

    13 ) (Wheel) A nickname for the best low hand: 5, 4, 3, 2, A. 

    14 ) (Wheel) a dive table used to plan multi-level dives. 

    15 ) (Wheel) a type of kick resembling and paralleling the path of a roundhouse kick. 

    16 ) (WHEEL) (or pinion) circular part revolving an axis to transmit power or motion. Centre wheel, front wheel, hour wheel, minute wheel, third wheel, transmission wheel. 

    17 ) (Wheel) A wagering term describing the selection of a greyhound to win, place or show combined with every other greyhound in the race. 

    18 ) (Wheel) One of two methods used to steer a boat. A wheel is turned in the direction that the helmsman wants the boat to go. On smaller boats a tiller is usually used, which steers in the opposite manner. 

    19 ) (Wheel) betting all possible combinations in an exotic wager using at least one horse as the key. 

    20 ) (Wheel) (Psalm 82:14) probably refers to some kind of Centaurea, as does “whirlwind” (Isaiah 17:13). 

    21 ) (WHEEL) Circular element, mostly toothed, combines with an arbor (s.) and a pinion (s.) to make up a gear (s.). Wheels are normally made of brass, while arbors and pinions are made of steel. The wheels between barrel (s.) and escapement (s.) make up the so-called train (s.). 

    22 ) (Wheel) Any 5-4-3-2-A in Lowball. 

    23 ) (Wheel) A-2-3-4-5. The best possible low hand. Also called a “Bicycle”. 


    1 ) Lugged steel frame construction is a method of building bicycle frames using steel tubing and sockets called lugs. For most of the history of the bicycle, steel has been the material of choice for high-quality bicycle frames (though its dominance has waned since the mid 1990s). 


    1 ) ancient Celtic god 

    2 ) carry with difficulty; “You’ll have to lug this suitcase” 

    3 ) lugsail: a sail with four corners that is hoisted from a yard that is oblique to the mast 

    4 ) stuff: obstruct; “My nose is all stuffed”; “Her arteries are blocked” 

    5 ) a projecting piece that is used to lift or support or turn something 

    6 ) lugworm: marine worms having a row of tufted gills along each side of the back; often used for fishing bait 

    7 ) Lug (Луг) is a village in Serbia. It is situated in the Beočin municipality, in the Vojvodina province. Although, the village is geographically located in Syrmia, it is part of the South Bačka District. The village has a Slovak ethnic majority and its population numbering 801 people (2002 census). 

    8 ) Lug or Lugh (modern Irish Lú) is an Irish deity represented in mythological texts as a hero and High King of the distant past.

    9 ) Lug (Derventa) is a village in the municipality of Derventa, Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

    10 ) A screw terminal is a type of electrical connector where a wire is clamped down to metal by a screw. The wire is sometimes just stripped of electrical insulation at the end, and is bent in a U or J shape to fit around the shaft of the screw. 

    11 ) (Lugs) Extensions on both sides of the case where the bracelet or strap is attached. 

    12 ) (lugs) Metal or plastic pieces attached to a sail’s luff that slide in a mast track to allow easy hoisting of the sail. 

    13 ) (Lugs) on a flue-cured tobacco plant, the second grouping of leaves from the ground, located near the middle of the stalk. 

    14 ) (Lugs) The metal holdings used to attach the bracelet or strap to the case with pushpins. 

    15 ) (Lugs) Projections on a watch face to which the watch band or bracelet is attached. 

    16 ) (Lugs) The arms of the watch case that hold the strap or bracelet. 

    17 ) (LUGS) (TOE AND HEEL) The portions of the shell’s sole that interface with a ski binding; must meet industry standards for size; often replaceable in the event of wear. 

    18 ) (Lugs) 1) Threaded stem or bolts that connects the wheel to the hub with lug nuts. 2) Large rubber blocks in the design of a tire tread. 

    19 ) (Lugs) Attachment for strap either side of the case 

    20 ) (Lugs) Projection from a casting etc. by which it may be fixed in place. 

    21 ) (Lugs) Projections built into an appliance to enable it to be secured to a wall. As with a fireplace surround 

    22 ) (Lugs) Strips of metal, fixed onto the sides of metal doors and window frames to secure frames to the brickwork. 


    1 ) A circular object that revolves on an axle and is fixed below a vehicle or other object to enable it to move easily over the ground 

    2 ) A circular object that revolves on an axle and forms part of a machine 

    3 ) Used in reference to the cycle of a specified condition or set of events 

    4 ) steering wheel: a handwheel that is used for steering 

    5 ) wheel somebody or something 


    1 ) eight: the cardinal number that is the sum of seven and one 

    2 ) eight: being one more than seven 

    3 ) Bookbinding is the process of physically assembling a book from a number of folded or unfolded sheets of paper or other material. It usually involves attaching covers to the resulting text-block. 

    4 ) Plus 8 (also spelled as Plus8, without the space) is a Canadian techno record label, based in Windsor, Ontario and founded in 1990 by DJs Richie Hawtin and John Acquaviva. 

    5 ) Year 8 (VIII) was a leap year starting on Sunday (link will display the full calendar) of the Julian calendar. 

    6 ) Eight is a 13 minutes short film 1998 film directed by Stephen Daldry, written by Tim Clague and produced by Working Title Films. 

    7 ) 8 is a 2008 series of eight short films centered around eight themes of social importance, directed by eight film directors (Abderrahmane Sissako, Gael García Bernal, Mira Nair, Gus Van Sant, Jan Kounen, Gaspar Noé, Jane Campion and Wim Wenders). 

    8 ) This is a list of fictional characters featured in the Cosmic Era (CE) timeline of the Gundam anime metaseries. These characters appear in the Mobile Suit Gundam SEED and SEED Destiny anime, as well as in the manga and OVA spinoffs. 

    9 ) 8 is the upcoming eighth full-length studio album by Canadian/Indonesian Avant-garde metal band Kekal, announced on June 23, 2010. While the band has no officially active members , former members Jeff, Leo, and Levi are all contributing to the album. 

    10 ) Arvingarna is a Swedish dansband, which was formed in 1989 and which competed in the Swedish Melodifestivalen in 1993, 1995, 1999 and 2002. In 1993 they won with the song ‘“Eloise” and represented Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest 1993, where the song finished 7th. 

    11 ) The Astoria Line is a rapid transit line of the BMT division of the New York City Subway, serving the neighborhood of Astoria, Queens. It runs from Ditmars Boulevard to 39th Avenue along 31st Street. It then serves Queensboro Plaza along 27th Street. 

    12 ) 8 is the eighth year of the Common Era. 

    13 ) 8 is Do As Infinity’s fourth video collection. 

    14 ) Number 8 is the eighth album by J. J. Cale. Released in 1983. 

    15 ) The television show Lost includes a number of mysterious elements that have been ascribed to science fiction or supernatural phenomena, usually concerning coincidences, synchronicity, déjà vu, temporal and spatial anomalies, paradoxes, and other puzzling phenomena. 

    16 ) 8 was a designation given to several IRT services of the New York City Subway. 

    17 ) The Seventh Avenue Line is a surface public transit line in Manhattan, New York City, United States, connecting Lower Manhattan with Central Park along Seventh Avenue. Once a streetcar line, it is now part of the southbound direction of the M10 and M20 bus routes. 

    18 ) Paraformaldehyde is the smallest polyoxymethylene, it is the condensation reaction product of formaldehyde with a typical degree of polymerization of 8 - 100 units. 

    19 ) A hash symbol (#) is used to comment about a popular topic in a tweet so that people who are searching for that topic can easily find it. “Trending topics” occur on Twitter when a lot of people use the same hash tag. 

    20 ) French authors sometimes employed the symbol “8” instead of the “w” or “ou” in a spelling of Indian names and words. 


    1 ) Classless Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR) is a methodology of allocating IP addresses and routing Internet Protocol packets. 


    1 ) Carry or drag (a heavy or bulky object) with great effort 

    2 ) Be encumbered with 

    3 ) Ług is a settlement in the administrative district of Gmina Skomlin, within Wieluń County, Łódź Voivodeship, in central Poland. 

    4 ) A lug nut; A device for terminating an electrical conductor to facilitate the mechanical connection; to the conductor it may be crimped to form a cold weld, soldered or have pressure from a screw; A part of something which sticks out, used as a handle or support; A fool, a large man; An ear or 


    1 ) An emoticon is a textual expression representing the face of a writer’s mood or facial expression. Emoticons are often used to alert a responder to the tenor or temper of a statement, and can change and improve interpretation of plain text.